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Donated websites to Big-hearted organizations

I love what I do. Working with passionate entrepreneurs and small businesses to develop gorgeous websites and marketing strategies that make an impact. But let’s face it… I’m not exactly making the world a better place by making the internet pretty. I’m in awe of the everyday heroes bettering our future – like teachers, veterans, fire fighters, nurses. Through my own career, I’ve tried to do my part by making time to donate websites to organizations trying to make the world a better place. It’s a win-win-win. The organization is able to better spread their message, the world is able to better hear it, and I feel pride and purpose in my work.

Featured Project

In 2017, I was connected to an 11 year old girl who was trying to share her experience with battling Lyme disease, while raising money for kids with Lyme who cannot afford their medication. Here’s the message she sent me when she found out I was going to design her website for free:

My Mom told me that you are going to help me with my website. Thank you so much. I think I can really help these kids I am meeting whose parents are really having a hard time paying for all of their Lyme meds. And I hope to find a cure for Lyme disease because I was home today having a “Lyme day”.
– Olivia

Jen’s first post about receiving her breast cancer diagnosis went viral. I found it on facebook shared by a friend. Jen’s story really hit home because she was my age and had the same aged daughters. I followed her journey and the day she posted asking for help with her blog, I couldn’t message her fast enough. Her custom-designed blog launched soon after. Unfortunately, Jen has since lost her battle with cancer and her husband has taken over the blog.

A friend’s sister was starting an orphanage in Malawi, Africa and needed a way to keep her supporters updated and collect donations online. I was happy to donate a website to this wonderful cause.

Sammy’s mom first reached out to me when her son was 8 years old and fighting cancer. She told me their budget was low. I told her to keep it. I wish I could do more to help this organization fight childhood cancer.

Victor reached out with a problem. He was a successful coach in the booming life coach industry, but he noticed how few people of color were involved not only as coaches, but on the receiving end. Coaching for Everyone was born to fix this problem.

Scruff 4 Schools is an initiative started by Five Nines Technology Group. They take advantage of the ‘No-Shave November’ phenomenon, using their growing beards to grow donations for childhood hunger. I donated a website that allowed users to sponsor their beard of choice.

Pediatric Liver Aid Foundation was started by a friend whose one-year old daughter needed a life-saving liver transplant, and luckily got the call in time. Watching their family go through the process was enough to inspire me to do absolutely anything I could to help. I donated a website and several printed materials they use to spread their message and raise funds.

If you are in need of a donated website (or would like to nominate an organization), please review the details below:

organization requirements

  • Trying to make the world a better place. (Not make themselves rich.)
  • Lacking funds to build a website to meet their needs.
  • Must be able to pay for ongoing domain and hosting costs (Domains = $12/year and Hosting = $25+/month)

donated Websites include

  • Suggested Site Map – Based on analysis of similar websites and modern trends
  • Custom Design – One-of-a-kind design made just for their website/brand
  • Social Media Integration – With Facebook, Instagram and YouTube accounts
  • Content Management¬†& Training – Organization will be able to easily make updates
  • Up to 10 Pages
  • WordPress Platform – Access to thousands of plugins; easy to grow website
  • Standard Features – Homepage sliders, photo gallery, contact form
  • Other agreed upon features as discussed

My absolute favorite projects are the websites I donate to good causes.

I wish I could do it full-time! And if I ever win the lottery that is exactly what I’ll do! But until that day comes, I am limited to offering two donated website per year.

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