Are you trying to break into web design or build your own freelance business? Need a web design mentor who has been there, done that, did it all wrong and still succeeded? You’ve come to the right place.

I built a Multi-6-figure freelance web design business from home while raising kids.

And I did it ALL wrong.

I made a million and one mistakes and still built a successful business while being a full-time stay-at-home-mom. I started designing websites before CSS was a thing and before WordPress was even a glimmer in the internet’s eye. Aside from one website project in CS101, I am completely self-taught. I’m good at building a business and retaining customers and honestly… that’s what matters most!

If you want to be a successful freelance web designer and don’t know where to start…

I would love to help guide you on this amazing journey. As far as I’m concerned, freelance is where it’s at, and I want you to join the party. Break into freelance and break into web!

Are you

  • treading water in a dead-end J.O.B.?
  • craving more time with your family? (including your fur-babies!)
  • searching for a lucrative and sustainable work-from-home business?
  • ambitious, self-driven and accountable?
  • creative with an eye for design?
  • ready to run your own business and be your own boss?
  • eager to give yourself a raise?


Freelance Mentor
Web Design Mentor

I can help you…

  • take your side gig to a full-time income
  • own a business that doesn’t own you
  • create multiple revenue streams
  • find your ideal clients (and clone them!)
  • work smarter instead of harder
  • set yourself apart from other freelancers
  • get the freedom you’re craving! 

Comprehensive Course

If you’re serious about breaking into web design and building a business out of building websites, then this online course is for you. Put together by myself and web design guru, John Wooten, we’ve managed to shove all our decades of experience into one course teaching you what we have learned about freelance web design. Everything you need to know to build beautiful websites and your business. Step-by-step tutorials showing you the process and exact tools we use to build professional, high-end websites. Plus business training including all of our processes, exact emails and questionnaires we use, and the mistakes we made on our way to multi-6-figure freelance web design businesses.

What you really want

All my favorite tools and toys, right? Without further ado…

Business Tools


My O.G. business partner. I couldn’t live without Freshbooks and neither should your budding business. Freshbooks handles everything from time-tracking, to invoicing and estimates, to online payments. They keep it simple and real, which keeps me happy.


I have tried every project management software I can find, and for me – nothing compares to a good ol’ checklist. And trello is the master of checklists! Plus you can add your clients and contractors to see your lists and keep track of all your projects in one place. Integrations galore.

G Suite

Part 2 of my project management system, google drive keeps it organized. Why reinvent the wheel when google provides it for free? Almost everyone has a google account already and makes content collecting as simple as possible. Plus custom email for $5/month. Done.


My inbox is my to-do list. And I suck at followup. Enter boomerang. When I need to followup with a prospect or a project, I can set boomerang to bring that email conversation back to my inbox in a number of days if there has been no response. It’s a lifesaver. Wait no – business saver!


It’s free. It’s pretty. It integrates with wordpress. I use Mailchimp to send emails to my clients, prospects and encourage them to do the same.

Website Tools

Adobe Creative

Photoshop is the one app ALWAYS open on my computer. Okay, Chrome too. 


A wordpress-specific and designer-friendly host. There’s no better place to take care of your websites. Their slick interface delights and their customer service is on point.

Divi Theme

I make every single website with Divi by Elegant Themes. Since it’s a theme-builder, I can make each site look completely different while using the same familiar theme.


Gravity Forms

The best form-builder for wordpress hands down. Tons of add-ons and integrations as well. Worth every penny and then some. 

Admin Menu Tree Page VIew

Provides a drop-down for pages for quick access.

Yoast SEO

For simple, best practice SEO basics.


A must-have to keep spam away from comments and forms.

Bulk Page Creator

Create all the pages for an entire sitemap in a couple clicks. Boom.

Surbma - Divi & Gravity Forms

Makes your forms look as pretty as Divi.

Business Toys


I’m one of the very few in my industry that isn’t a die-hard Mac fan. (Once I did finally convert… and my Mac died in 6 months). Back to PC I go, and the Surface laptop does everything I need. Plus it’s pretty.


Sleek and fabulous desk gear. I have the felt mat and laptop lift.

Emily Ley

If the theme down here is ‘pretty’ stuff for designers who appreciate it… I can’t leave out my favorite planner! The simplified planner by Emily Ley is gorgeous and functional. You will fall in love with this brand the second you encounter the packaging!


I have sexy headphones and a bluetooth speaker from these guys. Great quality and (more important for designers) – great looking!


I love finding gear targeted to us designers! These guys have fun stuff with great messaging.

UX Kits

What’s more fun than designing websites? Using cards to layout a website on your desk like a freaking board game. Brilliant.